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LWZ - Chapter 4


Title: Love And War, And Zombies

Author: Shinsun

Rating: M, for violence, language, blood/gore, character (un)death, and sexual content

Pairing: KagaKuro, some unrequited AoKuro in there

Summary: Zombie apocalypse AU. With an epidemic taking hold and squeezing the life out of the world, the remaining members of the GoM (and co.) band together to survive, but when loved ones become monsters and the group starts falling apart from the inside, it’s no longer as cut-and-dry as killing zombies and staying alive.

Chapters 1-3 here.

Also on AO3.


Chapter 4

Kagami had carried much larger artillery, but the pistol in his hand somehow felt like the heaviest gun he’d ever held. Only three bullets - he’d double-checked - and the promise of instant death waited in its chambers. He knew it, and the blond sitting next to him, nervously fidgeting, knew it too. Neither were allowed to sleep, but that was just fine, because Kagami didn’t think they were able to right now, with so much tension weighing down the air. Conversation was sparse and awkward, and Kise seemed to have difficulty meeting Kagami’s eye, his gaze focused on the short barrel of the pistol aimed threateningly at his head.

“The safety is on right now, you know; you don’t need to keep up that deer-in-the-headlights look,” Kagami had tried feebly to reassure him, “I won’t shoot you on accident.”

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It’s really weird trying to explain the differences between Catholicism and other branches of Christianity to people who aren’t religious because it ultimately ends up, “Well this is Catholic, this is Catholic classic, this is Catholic-lite, this is diet Catholic, this is new taste less calories not as popular Catholic, and this is I can’t believe it’s not Catholic.”












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i love you mom

i love my mum

you’re my everything

Love how this came up on my dash on my Mama’s birthday!


I miss my mom

I love reading all your comments on my post because it lets me know everyone loves their mum even through heartache.

I love muy mummy, she is the best mom ever

I love my mom, bit she hates me

Do you know how many people are surprised that she’s not our sister?

  • Track Name

    Kagami sex audio

  • Album

    Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu Secret 04

  • Artist

    Yuuki Ono


Is this part here still wet? *watery SFX* It seems perfect. But, a little more… *lick*”

More Kagami audios to wet your pants with because I’m too evil kind like that. If you have ever wanted to hear dirty talking from Kagami or him moaning right into your ear, now’s your chance.

HEADPHONES ON! This is NSFW R18 otome (female audience) audio, as you can see from the translation below. Porn audio to be short. Besides this is 3D dummy mic audio and you will miss its high quality without headphones.

Translation by oktuszo:

*kiss* I have dreamed to do this with you countless times. *kiss* It’s bad. I can’t seem to control myself. *kiss* What do you want me to do? Tell me. Until you feel good, I will do everything.

I see. Then, for a little bit, I will do as I please. *lick* What’s wrong? You don’t want me to lick your ear? Before you seemed so enjoy it. Or… *lick* do you want me to lick this ear too? *lick* I will caress your breast too.

Sorry. Your reaction is so cute… so I did it too much. You really don’t want it? If you give such a cute reaction, I will be carried out. *kiss* Is this part here still wet? *watery SFX* It seems perfect. But, a little more… *lick*

Do you feel good? How should I say, to be able to do it with you, suddenly I feel anxious. If you feel bad about something, tell me. *lick* As expected. Let me lick your feet too. I want to taste all over your body. If you feel ticklish, I will stop it. It’s okay if I lick your thighs, right? *lick* Is this your weak spot? *lick* Let out your voice more. I want to hear it. *lick* We’ll do it until finish. *lick* Your toes too… *lick* Your toes are so small and cute. *lick*

It’s unexpectedly not ticklish, right? If you want more, tell me. I see. If you tell me, I will do whatever you want. If it’s this wet… Wait a sec. *kiss* I will put mine in. *thrust* It’s quite tight. You should breath, and relax your body. *kiss* Right. Keep breathing like that.

*thrust* It’s all in. Can I move? *thrusting* *panting* You’re so beautiful *kiss* If I can stay like this with you… no matter… *thrust* *panting* *kiss* I want to ask you something. Hold me tighter. *thrust* *pant* You’re so soft. It’s bad! *panting* I will be a little bit rough. Endure it for a while. *panting* *heavy breath* I want to come… It’s so good inside your body. If I lose my guard, in a blink of eye, I feel like coming… *heavy breath* Will you come together with me? *panting* *kiss* *release*

Are you all right? I will put mine out. Keep lie down. Don’t move. If we stay like this, you won’t feel comfortable with it, right? That last part, I might have forced myself to you. You feel tired, right? For now, there will be no one who come home. You can relax for a while.

This is from drama CD Tsujisaki Gakuen Seitokai no Himitsu Secret 04

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